TERF is actually a slur [ modify ]

TERF is actually a slur [ modify ]

TERF glossary can use some help. Please check out the article’s assertions. Any is actually reputable are sourced, and you may what is actually perhaps not is eliminated.

Into the TERF sectors combos like the phrase “super” such “super upright”, “super woman”, “super lesbian” and you can “awesome feminist”, into the stand alone keyword “super” while the shorthand, most of the reference the newest Super Upright meme which was popularised because of the neo-Nazi agitators towards the 4chan so you can void and mock trans man’s intercourse identities and you may justify blatant transphobia. During the light away from each other its resource and make use of certainly one of transphobic somebody it is an incredibly transphobic term.

TEHM [ change ]

Stands for “Trans-Exclusionary Homosexual Men”. Specific gay male TERFs utilize this title on their own and employ it so you’re able to validate excluding trans males.

“TERF is a great slur” try an excellent spurious claim from TERFs and usually its basic reply while they are criticized due to their mean ideology. Someone saying “TERF try good slur” is fairly certainly a TERF.

Terfragette [ edit ]

An attempt to recover the definition of TERF if you find yourself pretending they truly are similar towards the suffragettes whom campaigned to own votes for ladies. Utilized just like the thinking-personality of the TERFs.

Terven [ change ]

Several TERFs. Utilized “ironically” of the TERFs in an attempt to reclaim the expression TERF, e.grams. “oh no, we are brand new worst terven!”

#TheyCallMeTerf [ revise ]

A different sort of hashtag one produced a while into the 2019 as an easy way having TERFs to battle back shortly after being entitled away for being transphobic.

TIM/TIF (Trans Recognized Men/Female) [ edit ]

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Terms and conditions regularly misgender trans female (TIM) and people (TIF), if you are meanwhile together with denying that they’re trans (that’s not a genuine question, according to TERFs), from the now turned-into-dogwhistle “identify just like the” expression.

they are made use of because they do not hold the letters of this new recommended sex (rather than mtF, ftM), and because they are generally speaking masculine (Tim/Timothy) or female (Tiffany) names.

Small fraction of males [ revise ]

A method TERFs establish trans ladies, so you can say that he’s getting silenced of the an excellent “tiny fraction of the patriarchy”.

Tranorexia [ modify ]

Identifies a conviction one of TERFs you to definitely are trans is comparable so you can anorexia, and may end up being handled by the promising anyone to simply accept themselves because the cis, in the place of through providing scientific changeover (“we don’t provide anorexics dieting surgery!”) The word is additionally regularly suggest that being trans was a trend or phase certainly one of young ones, hence more youthful trans boys inside their children otherwise early 20s would have been anorexic females in the event the they’d grown up about 1990’s or 2000s. “Tranorexia” try a kind of assistance to have Conversion process Cures.

Transage [ revise ]

A small number of some body wish to be seen as “transage” i.e., impact that they’re a specific many years except that than just its chronological years. [notice cuatro] The idea is frequently referenced by the TERFs or other best-wing trolls just who argue that since the laws cannot admit transage somebody, it should perhaps not enable modifying an individual’s intercourse label. This was popularized in TERF circles from the a blog post positing a great hypothetical situation in which one or two forty five-year-olds need certainly to legitimately change their ages to enable them to located pros they otherwise wouldn’t be entitled to (instance an elder citizen’s traveling admission), implying this can be also as to why transgender anyone transition. It name could also be used by the pedophiles in order to validate their attraction so you’re able to minors.

Trans cult [ modify ]

A great conspiracy principle one accuses transgender groups of being a great cult. After looking at the signs of a potentially destructive cult, in fact, the exact opposite is true: it is TERFs on their own who happen to be the new cult.

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